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"Serve and Protect"

  Ticonderoga Police Department 

QUESTION: How can I get an Order of Protection?

There must be charges filed with the Local Criminal Court or County Court for a Judge to consider signing an Order of Protection. In some cases a Family Order of Protection can be put in place depending on the circumstances. For more information on Family Court Orders please contact Family Court at 518-873-3320. The police department does not issue an Order of Protection.

QUESTION: What is a FOIL Request?

The Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”) provides access to records to citizens interested in obtaining records related to government operations. Records include documents and computer discs.

Access to records is limited by certain exemptions including those that intend to protect privacy and the names of confidential informants, and those where the production of records would impair, interfere with, cause substantial injury to, or endanger an individual or government operation.

QUESTION: How do I make a FOIL Request?

Visit the Town Clerk's Office in the Community Building at 132 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga, New York 12883. Your request must be filed in writing. If you are out of the area please call 518-585-6677 to request further instructions.

QUESTION: How do I get into contact with someone if I go to the station and no one is there to assist me?

The Ticonderoga Police Department has someone on duty 24 hours a day, and often times our officers are patrolling the town or out on an emergency call. If you arrive at the station and no one is there to assist you please dial 518-585-3456 and request an officer back to the station. If you do not have a cell phone available to you there is a phone outside the station in a yellow box that will contact dispatch for you. It is important to give the dispatcher any information they request so that they can assist to the best of their ability.

QUESTION: Where can I dispose of unwanted prescription medication?

In 2016 the Ticonderoga Police Department received a Medication Disposal Box from CVS/pharmacy. This box is a secure metal container with very limited access. Anyone can drop off their unwanted prescription drugs for proper disposal throughout the year. The station is most often manned during the hours of 8am-2pm, Monday thru Friday. Twice a year The Ticonderoga Police Department participates in a DEA Drug Take Back Day. This occurs on a Saturday and during this time we encourage everyone to clean out any unwanted prescription medication from their home and bring them to us for proper disposal. 

 QUESTION: Can the Ticonderoga Police Department fingerprint me for a job?

If your employer has provided you with a fingerprint card and does not require an electronic scan of your prints, you may call the Ticonderoga Police Department and schedule a time for prints to be taken.

QUESTION: Can the Ticonderoga Police Department fingerprint me for my pistol permit?

New York State Police require electronic scanned fingerprints for all pistol permits, the Ticonderoga Police Department does not have that capability. Electronic Scans are only done at our station for Criminal Cases.